Google owns 70 percent of ad server market

    April 8, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Buying DoubleClick for $3.24 billion is going to look like a beads-for-Manhattan deal in a few years.

Approval of the DoubleClick acquisition by US and EU regulators tasked with looking for competitive balance in business will enjoy these numbers, courtesy of eMarketer (citing Attributor and comScore):

DoubleClick and Google dominated overall market share capturing 35% and 34% of unique users, respectively.

“DoubleClick owns the head and Google owns the tail,” said Attributor on its blog.

The company noted that Doubleclick had nearly half of the total market for ads on sites with more than a million monthly unique users. Google had more than 70% of the market for sites with less than 100,000 monthly unique users.

Google added an advertising market on massively trafficked sites by purchasing DoubleClick. A complementary business, in Google’s opinion, one that regulators on both sides of the Atlantic accepted.

Once DoubleClick’s revenue starts impacting Google’s bottom line, their quarterly financial numbers may be cause for rampant stock market joy again. Eric Schmidt should send the regulatory agencies here and abroad a Christmas card every year in gratitude.