Google NY Starting Speaker Series

    January 25, 2007

Google has announced a speaker series to be hosted at their New York City offices, bringing some cool talks at the Google offices for everyone to enjoy.

The first talk is this Monday, with Adam Bosworth talking about “Physics, Speed, and Imprecision: What Works and What Doesn’t in Software, and Why”. The event is already full, but you can sign up for the wait list, and to be notified about future events.

Normally, I’d ask someone to get me in, either as a favor or media, but this coincides with way too much Windows Vista launch events mayhem. I’ll eagerly await event two, though. Google New York is a really cool place to be, and I’ve enjoyed it both times I’ve been there. I’m convinced I could go there one night a week for five years and still not cover half the offices.

I really want to take home something cool from the offices, but they didn’t have Google-branded paper or pens in the press room the first time I was there, and the Razor scooters and big rubber balls are too big to sneak out. Any suggestions?

Oh, and two other things:

  • Don’t drink the coffee! Too damn hot, burned my tongue on the first sip.
  • It was me that spilled beer on the carpet about two months back. Twice. Sorry ’bout that.



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