Google Now Worth $80 Billion

    June 7, 2005

John Battelle notes that Google’s market capitalization is now just north of 80 billion dollars, making it the largest media company on the planet, overtaking Time Warner.

Of course, this only counts if you consider Google a media company, and not a technology company. As John explains, while Google may not consider itself a media company, since 98% of its revenues are media revenues, in the eyes of Wall Street, that is exactly what it is. As Mark Felt famously said, “Follow the money”.

GOOG, currently at $293.12, has a market cap of $81.42 billion. Companies Google has passed in the last few months include News Corportation (36.5), Viacom ($50.2 billion), Yahoo (52.28), Kraft (54.64), Disney (55.71), Oracle (64.73), Nokia (75.73), Time Warner (78.25), UPS (81.34). Of course, Microsoft is still far ahead with $275.62 billion. Some other companies bigger than Google include Home Depot (85.85), Pepsi (93.61), Verizon (96.97), Dell (97.79), Berkshire Hathaway (105.66), Coca-Cola (106.21), IBM (121.06), JP Morgan (124.84), Toyota (130.43), Procter & Gamble (138.31), Intel (165.81), Wal-Mart (199.73) and Citigroup (247.94).

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