Google News May Introduce Video Component

    May 29, 2007

As a daily user of Google News, I’m interested in what will happen to it – for better, for worse, or for just plain different.  According to a recent interview with Nathan Stoll, one of Google’s product managers, there may be a lot of changes in store, including the introduction of video.

Google News May Introduce Video Component
“Google News May Introduce Video Component”
Google News May Introduce Video Component

“We don’t want to preannounce any features,” Stoll began – and that’s an interesting beginning if ever there was one – “but our Google News philosophy is to give users access to all the perspectives on a news story.  To the extent that a lot of those are in video and becoming available online, we’d certainly love to make those perspectives available and easily discoverable.”

In his interview with Juan Carlos Perez, Stoll then referenced YouTube, “lots of publishers,” and said, “There’s certainly a need out there [for video].”  Also, as long as we’re giving credit where credit’s due, I owe a hat tip to Ionut Alex Chitu, who first found the transcript.

Video would certainly make an interesting addition to Google News.  It might create some problems as well – a CNN video titled “Rosie breaks it down” is already more visible than the headline “U.S. to impose new Sudan sanctions.”  Come on, now.

Yet Stoll indicated that he’s aware of these sorts of challenges, saying, “[W]e’re out there talking with editors, because we hear these things from them, the ways in which we need to improve the algorithms.”

This is getting slightly “tree-in-the-forest,” but I wonder if Google News’s algorithms will lead the site to cover itself as these changes occur.