Google News Introduces More Filters

    July 29, 2008

Major news organizations like Reuters, the Associated Press, and the AFP are great sources of information; there’s no denying that.  Other people and entities have a lot to offer, too, though, and Google News is now making it easier to access these alternatives.

Search for a subject that interests you or find a cluster of stories on the Google News homepage.  After clicking on the "all news articles" link, you should see a column classifying pieces according to "all sources," "blogs," and at least one local geographic location.  Pick from whatever category you like best (or a little from each).

Google News Filters
 New Filters On Google News

The links to local news sources are rather interesting.  First, they show that Google is confident in its ability to determine where things are happening and what else is nearby.  Then there’s simply the matter of local sources’ importance to users.  When the Eddie Davidson story broke, for example, the Rocky Mountain News offered a more timely and detailed article than many other organizations.

The "blogs" option is perhaps less important, as people have been able to switch over to Google Blog Search for some time now.  But it’s still another step towards making blogs completely mainstream.

Slight coincidence alert: blogger Ionut Alex Chitu deserves credit for first spotting the fresh Google News filters.