Google News Creates Feature Request Form

    January 30, 2008

Lots and lots of people use Google News.  Yet extremely few use one of its major features, the expert comments section.  Now, perhaps as a way of ensuring that the next news-related update is better received, Google is asking for users’ suggestions.

Like the recently launched Suggest a feature for Google Checkout, the Suggest a feature for Google News form isn’t blank – a list of ideas from which users can choose is provided.  There’s also an "I have another idea" space, if you feel like thinking a bit outside the box.Google News Creates Feature Request Form

No numbers or dates are given, but on the Google News Blog, Greta Ghizzo Van Everen assures readers, "We’ll use your ideas to help inform us about what changes to make to News in the coming months."  And there’s really no reason that Google would create a list of options, present a poll, and then ignore the outcome.

This effort leaves us moderately impressed.  Google News works well as it is, and we don’t see it moving ahead of certain news organizations regardless of what happens.  But at the same time, it’s good that Google is trying to improve the service, and even better that it’s asking for user feedback.

Meanwhile, prominent stories include a mix of primary results, economic reports, and Britney Spears gossip.