WebProNews ON: Google News

    March 28, 2007

WebProNews On Google News is a hand picked collection of the most significant and relevant WebProNews articles covering Google News.

WebProNews         Google News

Google Searches For Stones In Belgium by Jason Miller:
Google decides to comply with a Belgian court order to post a ruling onits Belgian homepage. Initially, Google refused to do so.

Google News Still Facing Problems by Navneet Kaushal:
Webpronews blog partner Navneet Kaushal discusses Google News and it’s problems with Scandinavian countries.

Google Seething Over Belgian Judgment by David Utter:
Google sees removing Belgian content from Google News as no big deal, but is not happy about having to post a disclaimer regarding the issue on it’s Belgian homepage.

Google Seething Over Belgian Judgment

Yahoo Tops Google In Mail, News, Finance by David Utter:
Google falls second place to Yahoo in the news department as well as in the Mail and Finance categories. This article is from May of 2006.

Google News Publishing Guide by Brian Turner:
Brian Turner’s Google News Publishing Guide describes some step by step guidelines and rules of thumb for having your content picked up by Google News.  As Google news continues to grow in popularity it’s value as a traffic driver will only increase.   Solid information for anyone looking to have their content indexed in Google News.

Google to Appeal Copiepress Decision by Jason Miller
This is an article, written in February, 2007 about Google’s intention to appeal the Copiepress verdict handed down by the Belgian court.  The Belgian court ruled that Google’s displaying of exerpts of copyrighted materials constituted infringement.  Google was ordered to remove all Copiepress materials or face heavy fines.  

Belgian Newspapers Score Victory vs.Google by Joe Lewis
A court in Brussels rules against Google in a copyright infringement case.  Copiepress, a Belgian newspaper consortium, felt that Google’s display of some of their stories in the Google News archive violated their copyrights.   Google maintains the headlines, thumbnail images and snippets displayed on their network do not violate copyright and vow to appeal the decision.

Google Updates News, Gmail by David Utter
Google enhances Google News by adding ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Recommended Stories’ sections.

Google news Joins Mobile Japanese by Jason Miller
Google Launches its Japanese-language Google News service free of charge for mobile phones.  The service will initially update news from 30 different news sources including Asahi Shimbun and NHK.

Google Helps News Publishers with Sitemaps by David Utter
Google launches a sitemaps version specifically for news publishers to facilitate more effective indexing by Google News.  Google News Sitemaps will place more importance on timliness than normal sitemaps.

Google Still has AFP in its News by David Utter
Article from July 2006 about Google News’s continuing to display content from Agence France-Presse after AFP had bitterly complained about them doing so.  The primary problem apparently centers around prominent news sources referencing AFP as a source/byline for stories. These references, in turn, appear in Google News.

Blog Search Links Up on Google News by David Utter
Google’s Blog Search function is given a place on the front page of Google News.  At this point however, Google Blog search does not appear to have the features or functionality of existing blog searches like Technorati.

Belgians Ban Google From Their NewsBelgians Ban Google From Their News by David Utter
In September 2006, Copiepresse in Belgium bans Google from indexing it’s French and German language news and photos. Google is forced to remove the content and display the ruling on it’s Belgian Homepage.

Google News Sitemaps by WebProNews Blog
WebProNews blog post announcing the launch of Google’s sitemaps product for Google News.  At the time of writing Sitemaps for Google News only supported English language sites.

Porn on Google News?  by Jason Miller
Google is caught displaying an image of a topless woman in the entertainment section of Google News.  The problem was quickly addressed.

Search Blogs with Google News by Chris Richardson
Chris Richardson on WebProBlog discusses the recently added functionality of searching blogs with Google News. As Chris notes, "The general consensus is the blog news search promotion will improve and hopefully increase people’s exposure to the blogosphere."

Daily Kos Spurns Google News by Doug Caverly
Markos Moulitsas Zuniga of the political blog Daily Kos  complains that ‘Google News is becoming unusable’. This is in response to Google’s recent move to include blogs in Google News search.

Google News Punting Conservatives by David Utter
Google News pulls sites displaying "hate speech", but New Media Journal claims that the instances of "hate speech" came from contributing writers who also write for other sites that Google News indexes.

Google News Used To Be Better by WebProNews Blog
This is a late 2005 WebProBlog post conveying disappointment with recent changes to Google News. It discusses the use of more foreign sources over American ones about American issues.

The Scoop on Search Based NewsThe Scoop on Search Based News by Mike McDonald
This issue of the WebProNews newsletter features an article from Mike McDonald that discusses an SES session titled ""Meet The News Search Engines". Speakers included Google News product manager Nathan Stall as well as representatives from Yahoo News, Moreover and Topix.net.

New Google Patent May Be Less News For Small News by Jason Miller
The focus of this article is a new Google News patent that may come down hard on smaller news sites by keeping them out. The patent is aimed at increasing the quality of news delivered into search results.

Google News Now With RSS, Atom Feeds! by David Utter
Google News debuts RSS, Atom Feeds. David Utter covered the news from Google who had been busy that week with a 2005 Search Engine Strategies conference.

Study Finds Google News Unbiased by Nathan Weinberg
A post from WebProNews blog partner and Inside Google author Nathan Weinberg discusses a study that finds Google News to be unbiased.Weinberg himself however finds the study to be flawed.

Google News Adds Powerful Customization Feature by Mark Fleming
Google debuts the popular customization for Google News that allows you to display the categories you prefer however you wish. The Advanced News search is also beefed up.

Google News Customization Feature

Google News to Get Quality Update by David Utter
Google applies for a news search patent that could potentially lead to increased quality in Google News results.

Google Deleting AFP from Google News by Andy Beal
After a lawsuit is filed against Google by AFP, the agency’s content is removed from the Google News results. The suit is for a reported $17.5 million over copyright infringement.

Google Backs Down in AFP Case by Nick Wilson
Nick Wilson a then-WebProNews blog partner posts about Google’s lawsuit from AFP which leads to Google removing AFP’s content from Google News.

News Search Engines Talk by Rich Ord
This article comes from iEntry CEO Rich Ord fresh out of the "Meet the News Search Engines" session at Search Engine Strategies Chicago. Among the speakers was Google News product manager Nathan Stoll.

Ringtone Spam In Google News by Nathan Weinberg
Nathan Weinberg points to a blogger who has found Ringtone Spam in Google News. The blogger includes screenshots.

Google News Adds Recommendations by Andy Beal
In early 2006, Google adds reccomendations to Google News. Andy Beal tells us about it, comparing it to Amazon’s personalized reccommendations.

Google News Archive by Nathan Weinberg
Google News debuts a new service that allows you to search news archives dating back to nearly two hundred years. Th NY Times refers to it as a search engine for part of the "Dark Web".

News Search vs Social News by Lee Odden
Lee Odden compares News search and social news. A Danny Sullivan post on how the Search Engine Watch Blog had two different stories get major play on Digg and Google News at the same time is referenced.

Google News Archive: Things You Should Know by Nathan Weinberg
Gary Price provides a resource for things you should know about the Google News archive. Nathan Weinberg reflects.

Newspapers Lobby Against Google News by Nathan Weinberg
The World Association of Newspapers lobbyies against Google News, as Nathan Weinberg says, a non revenue-producing search engine that sends tons of traffic their way.

Google Suggest Has News For You by Jason Miller
Google software engineer Jon McAlister brings the Google Suggest function to Google News "so news seekers can save the carpel tunnel and put their impatience to better practice."

Google Blasted For Indexing Nazi Article by Jason Miller
Google News takes some heat from anti-fascist organizations for indexing a news article published by "Nazi" and "openly racist" British National Party (BNP).

Google News Struggles In Scandinavia by Doug Caverly
News groups in Scandinavian countries protest Google News, objecting to the reproduction of certain images and photographs.

Google Refuses Belgian Court Order by Jason Miller
Google is ordered by the Belgian court to display the ruling of it’s case on the company’s Belgian homepage. Google refuses.

Google News Takes Heat Over Blog Exclusions by Steve Rubel
Former WebProNews blog partner Steve Rubel talks abou how Google takes heat for removing conservative e-zines and blogs from Google News.

Google Local, News Updated by David Utter
After nearly 4 years, Google News finally leaves Beta. Also Google Local gets an update. David Utter talks about both.

Google Says Choose Your Mobile News by David Utter
Google adds a feature to allow you to easily view Google News headlines via your mobile phone. The beta for Google News for Mobiles is enabled.