Google Maps Notices Missing Citysearch Content

    January 9, 2008

Some time ago, a number of Citysearch reviews disappeared from Google Maps, and a sort of update has now occurred.  A quick summary: Google is not mad at Citysearch (or its parent company, IAC), but resolving the issue doesn’t appear to be a top priority, either.

Yesterday afternoon, "Maps Guide Jen" wrote, "As you’ve noted, Citysearch’s content is currently missing from Google Maps.  We are taking steps to resolve the system error and repost their listings."  These words appeared within the Google Maps Help Group, and were in direct response to a person’s question.Google Maps Notices Missing Citysearch Content

The problem is, that question had been asked by Mike Blumenthal on December 6th.  We’re not blaming Maps Guide Jen – there’s no telling what sort of corporate directives or software screw ups were behind the delay – but her answer was hardly a quick one.  Meanwhile, Citysearch has been out of luck, and more than a few users of (and businesses on) Google Maps have been out of reviews.

Ah, well.  Hat tip to Barry Schwartz for noticing the new post, and if the next update occurs before we all forget about this, we’ll bring that to you, too.