Google Makes Searching for Katrina Info Easier

    September 13, 2005
    Chris Crum

Bret Taylor made a post on the Google Blog that says that the company has released two new search features for finding Hurricane Katrina related info more quickly.

Google has been working with Microsoft, Yahoo, the American Red Cross, and a number of other organizations to index Katrina databases for the public. One such database that Taylor points to in his post is

It is nice to see that these rival companies can work together for a good cause, instead of trying to outdo each other. That would be an ugly situation.
Google’s new Katrina People Search allows users to search across all of the Katrina databases to more efficiently find information on people that have been affected by the disaster.

Taylor also said that Google has built a search index that only returns results from web pages related to the hurricane, so relevancy will be increased no matter what keyword the user enters.

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