Google Livens Up Conference With Android Phone Giveaway

    May 27, 2009

Early bird registration fees for the Google I/O developer conference were $300 per person, and whatever attendees first thought, the odds seem good that they’re now feeling pretty thrilled about that price.  It turns out that, in addition to sessions, product demos, and some meals, they’ll be receiving free Android phones. 

Google Android

In a surprise development Twitter users are dubbing #oprah-moment, Vic Gundotra, a vice president of engineering, told attendees that they’d each receive one new HTC Magic.  What’s more, according to MG Siegler, "it comes with a SIM card with unlimited 3G access and talk time for 30 days."

This looks to be a brilliant PR move on Google’s part.  First, the company’s done something that’s gotten all sorts of people talking.  Second, it’s put Android into the hands of folks who should be able to develop apps and contribute to the operating system in a technical sense.

Third, the search giant seems to have truly thought through the move so as not to accidentally create a nuisance.  (Weigh the SIM card, 3G access, and talk time against the car insurance Oprah’s audience had to seek, if you will.)

And finally, well . . . tickets to the next Google I/O developer gathering are sure to sell out in no time.