Google Launches Video For Business

    September 2, 2008

Google has introduced Google Video for business, a new addition to Google Premium Apps that enables workers in organizations to share videos by uploading them to Google Apps and inviting co-workers to view the content.

"What YouTube did in the consumer world, Google Video for business is going to do in the enterprise," said Matthew Glotzbach, product management director of Google’s Enterprise division.

Apps Premier is a fee-based software package, which also has free versions including Standard and Education. Google is adding the video application without increasing the price of Apps Premier, which cost $50 per user per year.

Beginning September 8, educational users of Google Apps will be able to use the service free for six months and will be charged $10 a user to continue using video.

Google Video for business will be able to run for more than an hour. The service is able to identify scene transitions and creates a way to skip to specific parts of a video. Each video can be up to 300 MBs in size, and Apps Premier subscribers have 3GBs of video per storage account.

"Cost and complexity have until now limited the effective use of video to improve business functions," said Manesh Patel, Chief Information Officer, Sanmina-SCI.

"The integration of video into Google Apps, combined with continuing improvements in video devices and network infrastructure, provides significant opportunities for innovation and saving throughout our global teams."