Google Launches New Enterprise Search Features

    August 19, 2009
    Chris Crum

Today Google announced two new tools for Enterprise Search – Side-By-Side search comparison and new connectors for the Google Search Appliance. Both of these features are available in Google Enterprise Labs.

Side-By-Side Search Comparison

This feature lets employees test and rate results from two different queries on the same topic, so they can determine which one delivered the better results. Google provides the following example, where the person has set up two different Google Search Appliance configurations to search "google".

Side-by-side Search comparison

"Employees can then vote on their preferred results, by choosing the Policy A or B buttons, and the administrator can then use that information to choose and set up the right search solution for the business," explains Google’s Engineering team.

The following video may give you a better idea of how to use the feature: 

Connectors for the Google Search Appliance

Connector updates are for major content management systems and for Salesforce data so the Google Search Appliance can search and provide users with access to internal Salesforce info. "Connectors integrate data from all different kinds of file and content systems (like SharePoint, FileNet, Documentum) so an employee searching their company intranet can see a single, unified search results page, even if the results are drawn from a wide variety of company data systems," the team explains.

This post has more info on the connectors, and this one has more on the side-by-side comparison feature.