Google Launches Gadget to Get Users to Engage On Your Site

Get Answers Gadget for Google Friend Connect

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This week, Google launched a gadget for Google Friend Connect that encourages visitors to ask questions from the community as well as answer questions posted by others. In other words, this is a gadget that can potentially get people more engaged while visiting your site.

Get Answers Gadget

The "Get Answers" gadget lets site members do the following:

– Ask questions, submit answers, and vote on the answers they think are the best

– Read other questions and answers from the community, sorted by popularity or date

– Quickly view only their own questions to see the answers they’ve received

– See what Google search says about their question

"With the Get Answers gadget, new members can ask questions and get up to speed quickly, current members can share information relevant to your site topic or other topics of interest to them, and you (the site owner) can learn more about the interests of your community, which can help you tailor your content to your visitors’ needs," explains Social App Developer Barry Welch on Google’s Social Web Blog. "As the site owner, you remain in full control and can moderate the gadget by deleting any inappropriate questions or answers."

He also points to a sample site that is set up so you can see the gadget in action. More information about it is also available here.

Google Launches Gadget to Get Users to Engage On Your Site
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  • http://www.21stsoft.com Michael

    This is such a great gadget! Google did it again!! :)

  • http://asmarketing.wordpress.com Long Tail Search

    Having a widget is great to have on your site for interactivity with your client. If you have colorful but pleasing to the eye this works really well getting your client to take action.

  • chris

    GREAT app, but you just alienated a large portion of websites that are on CMS and don’t have the ability to generate .html extension. Any .asp CMS is going to have a problem integrating this. Something that should be fixed for it to really take off

  • http://www.palmspringsdreamhomeraffle.com UpDog

    Google is upping the pace of social stuff – I’m getting on board, not so much for where things are today, but to stay up with the game.

  • http://potpolitics.com John Sullivan

    To little to late who cares about Google not me
    Great article as always

  • http://googlingsocial.com Chris Lang

    Google is on fire down there, I thought the events gadget was awesome and it still the best so far that can make you money but this is real cool.

    I do questions / answer blog posts all the time on Google Friend Connect and this could be something to take that to a new level. I can’t wait to play with it.

    It is about time a major blog started singing the praise of Google Friend Connect and Chris Crum, you are dead on here.

    There was a time I gave you guys a lot of crap for not getting the whole GFC thing, you are kicking butt lately and Chris Crum is to be commended for taking the lead in the Internet marketing arena for this.

    Did you get any of the RealTime invites for YouTube, Chris? Real time collaboration in YouTube, Google Friend Connect hiding out as the social features in YouTube, the events widget and now the Questions gadget?

    I’d say Google Friend Connect is in full release. Bring it on Google….

  • http://www.linkage.nl/ Erick S.

    Sounds nice…but I went to the mentioned sample page to ‘ask a question’ only to discover I had to ‘join’ or ‘Sign in’..?!

    I don’ think this is a nice aspect of the gadget.

    Because of this I will likely not use it, but who am I…?

  • http://www.caninedistemper.info Alexis

    Seems like it is quite similar to yahoo answer but with a twist. I’m sure many website owner will try this newest Google Gadget.

  • http://www.dulyon.com/ Loose Gemstones

    I really enjoy the series of apps that Google has been releasing, very helpful.

  • Guest

    Didn’t work for me properly the first time I installed it and entered questions. None of the questions showed up.

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