Google Launches Checkout For Political Contributions

    January 17, 2008

Somewhere out there, at least one of Ron Paul’s followers is unhappy.  Why, you ask?  Because the presidential candidate has enjoyed an amazing amount of support from certain corners of the Web, and a certain search giant has only now launched something called Google Checkout for Political Contributions.

On the Official Google Checkout Blog, Prem Ramaswami says the product is "an easy and fast way for candidates to collect contributions from supporters and build new online communities by enabling supporters to embed Checkout contribution buttons on their websites, blogs, and social network profiles."Google Launches Checkout For Political Contributions

He later continues, "We hope this initiative helps bring regular citizens one step closer to the political process."

Well, it may turn off some of those Ron Paul fans – was it a conspiracy that the launch occurred after the first few primaries had passed? – but otherwise, Google Checkout for Political Contributions seems like a decent idea.  Of course, one can always argue that politicians have plenty of money, but at least these funds aren’t coming from lobbyists’ pockets.

Oh, and to any Ron Paul enthusiasts: just teasing.  No need to overload my inbox.