Google Labeled An “Evil Goliath”

    August 29, 2007

Google’s actions sometimes generate warm fuzzies.  The company can also be kind of creepy.  But in an article titled “Another Reason to Hate Google,” Joseph Farah took it a step further, and wrote, “I want to illustrate to you just how rotten and contemptible the lying thieves who run that corporate monstrosity really are.”

Whew.  Such strong words can create a sort of knee-jerk disagreement; after all, most of us are content to visit a dozen or more times a day (never mind trips to Gmail, YouTube, and so on).  So before we delve into Farah’s chief complaint, it may be best to relay some quotes relating to topics on which we might all agree.

In an article on WorldNetDaily, Farah writes of “the Chinese Internet community that has been denied access to the same content you and I can read on the Internet thanks to Google’s cooperation with the tyrants in Beijing.”

On a related subject, he describes “the people of Taiwan who had their country virtually wiped off the face of Google Earth maps in another form of appeasement to Chinese tyranny.”

And Farah also mentions Eric Schmidt’s hope that Google will answer queries along the lines of “What shall I do tomorrow?”  WebProNews has covered all these topics, and that last one is especially likely to give me the shivers.  (Schmidt used the phrase “total information” in the same interview.)

Back to Farah’s main problem, then: “Google, through its new toolbar, is hijacking the websites visited by its users and replacing their ads with Google ads,” he stated.  Farah went on to provide a screenshot of his site; above the WorldNetDaily logo, an ad featuring a lingerie-clad woman is visible.  
“Of course, the top two ads on this screen shot are not WND ads at all,” he continued.  “The WND ads have been replaced by Google’s own.  In other words, Google is making money by dumping WND’s ads for its own.  It is also misleading the public into believing its disgusting ads are WND’s.”

Farah concluded by calling to action to any “David-like attorneys out there who would like to right at least one of the wrongs perpetrated by this evil Goliath of the Internet.”  Those are strong words concerning an extremely powerful company.