Google Kiosk in Indian Mall

    February 16, 2007

Om Malik spotted this Google kiosk in a mall in western Delhi, India. Google knows there are a lot of people they want to hire in India, and they’ve figured there’s no better way to reach young, smart, potential engineers than at the mall.

Google Kiosk

I was at the mall this past weekend and spotted a Dell kiosk across from the Time Warner Cable store I was visiting. Figuring you rarely get the chance to talk to anyone from Dell outside of a trade show, I stopped by and got some really important questions answered about Windows Vista compatibility. I know it would be tough for major tech companies to put staff in the hundreds of malls across the country, but it felt real nice getting to talk to a human being from the company and get an honest answer.

I’m guessing this is why Apple stores do so well.


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