Google Invests In Israeli R&D Center

    June 4, 2007

Google, as we know it, is pretty much an American corporation.  You hear things from Google India, and some pieces of news will originate in Google Australia, but otherwise, it’s pretty quiet out there.  Now things have picked up in one very calm corner of the world – Google is adding a second research and development center in Israel.

Of course, Israel’s only calm in a search engine-y sense – politics in the Middle East tend to be a little more dangerous than the subjects in which WebProNews specializes.  Still, as Reuters notes, Google’s latest move “adds to last year’s opening of its Haifa centre in northern Israel, which employs about 20.  In addition, Google has a sales office in Tel Aviv with a staff of 15.”

The new location should be closer to the sales office than the Haifa “centre” – the same report puts it in Tel Aviv, as well.  Other details are nonexistent, as corroboration of the report has yet to surface.

(Reuters is an excellent source, though, and I should note that corroboration in English has yet to surface – your humble author may well be missing a load of articles written in Hebrew.)

In any event, it looks like Google isn’t quite finished with its latest spending spree.  The search engine company has also effectively reminded us that Google’s operations don’t begin and end within American borders.