Google Guys Get Another Jet

    October 11, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

There’s probably no truth to the following theories: Google’s starting its own airline; Google has a clandestine arrangement with NASA to set up data centers on the moon; the founders plan to hire their own Tattoo to shout "The plane! The plane!" for their own bored billionaire amusement.

Google Guys Get Another Jet
Google Guys Get Another Jet

But the company executives do have four planes now, the latest addition a Boeing 757 parked amid a luxuriously remodeled Boeing 767 and two Gulfstream Vs, according to the New York Times, who had to file a Freedom of Information Act request to confirm a Valleywag rumor.

NASA, you see, is still a government body, and lets Sergey, Larry, and Eric use Moffet Field as their own little hub. Ah, billionaires.

So why do three men need four planes – especially two large remodeled passenger planes? Well, Valleywag’s initial theories don’t sound too far off; either they want to be certain there’s a jet available when they need one or their insurers didn’t like the idea of all three company heads simultaneously dying fiery deaths should they be on the same plane at the same time.

Or maybe Sergey and Larry just couldn’t stop arguing over who got the bigger bed.