Google Goes Back To Browser Basics

    October 6, 2009

Leave it to Google to (try to) plug an odd little knowledge gap.  Even as people can’t find Iraq on a map and push the limits of irony by misspelling "embarrassed," the search company has, for some reason, created a site to teach what a Web browser is. is a very simple site that is able to tell visitors what browser they’re using.  A 69-second video also defines the term, while other sections talk about useful tweaks and offer speed tests.

We know what cynics will say: Google’s trying to push Chrome.  And yes, while encouraging people to try a new browser, does list Chrome as an option next to comparative giants like Internet Explorer and Firefox.  But tiny Opera makes the cut, too, and the video actually shows someone clicking on the Firefox logo.

As for the speed tests, someone who doesn’t even know what a browser is probably won’t get too far with complicated statistics and graphs.

If you’ve got any relatives or friends who you feel should learn about browsers, then, consider sending them to  While the site’s debut was a bit random, it appears to be educational, not Chrome propaganda.