Google Gives Romantic Multitaskers A Discount

    February 8, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Over half of US adults buy gifts for more than one Valentine, according to Google and Harris Interactive. And to honor that two-timing tradition, Google is giving a discount for using Google Checkout.

"But that other diamond necklace is for Mom," says the shifty-eyed lothario busily hitting the delete button on email confirmations.

Whatever you say, brudda. We'll just call it "multitasking."

Google speculates those second or even third Valentine's Day gifts are for parents and other family members, or even pets to make up for catching their tails under the rocking chair. In fact, pets are expected to get more love on V-Day than Dad or Grandpa.

At least 43 percent said they plan to buy more than one gift for their spouse or partner