Google Flies With Universal Search

    May 19, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

There’s no going back to ten blue links on a page of search results. People want more for their queries, says Google, and they want to give it to them.

Text minimalism as a search response? That’s so ten years ago. Get with the program, namely images, videos, and more comprehensive local search results.

Google’s Johanna Wright discussed the travails of spelling broccoli in search, and the way Google sets poor spellers on the Wright, um, right path, during the Search Factory Tour event held earlier today. Thanks to the charming efficiency of webcasting, we followed along as master of ceremonies, none other than Marissa Mayer, guided the presentations.

Mayer’s no Jamie Foxx at the ESPY Awards, if you’re curious, but she did alright.

Wright moved from discussing the joys of vegetable spelling travails to the work Google’s doing with universal results. “It’s our job within search to give you what you want,” she said.

Doing so means more than figuring out which search results to give back. It entails looking across formats of content, like images or video or maps, to hit the sweet spot of relevance. Universal search uncovers meaning when people come to Google, said Wright.

“You’ll see a lot more in universal search this year,” she stated. A lot more places will see it too, as Google made universal search available across its global sites, in more than 100 languages serving over 150 countries.