Google Falters With British Small Businesses

    November 28, 2006

It should come as no surprise that our friends across the pond like Google, but a recent survey indicated that British small business owners aren’t as fond of the search engine giant as the average consumer is. The gap is significant, with a 27% difference in use – the business owners are, to a large degree, doing their searching elsewhere.

The study was conducted by Simply Business, which, as “the UK’s leading online commercial and business finance intermediary and facilitate appropriate solutions for small and medium-sized businesses,” is in a position to be an authority on such matters. It surveyed 200 of its small business customers to arrive at these figures.

David Walmsley, the head of marketing at Simply Business, spoke to Business Credit Management about the findings. “Small business owners are hands-on and like to compare business products and services,” he said. “However, business products and especially business services can be far more complex.”

Walmsley then gave his explanation for why so many of the British small business owners have turned away from Google. “While Google is the dominant force on the Internet, our survey shows how much more determined business owners are to thoroughly research, compare and buy online than the average consumer.”

Google is still doing quite well in the Britain, though. As Business Credit Management reported, “the latest statistics for the UK’s search market indicate that Google has a 75% share of the market.”

The Simply Business survey found that the “Recruitment & Construction / Tradesmen industries use Google the most, 70% & 65% respectively,” and that “Retail is the most search intensive’ industry with 45% searching multiple times a day.”


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