Google Expands Alert Coverage

    July 20, 2005

Instead of RSS feeds, Google offers email-based alert updates for news topics users choose to monitor. Whenever you establish an update, Google emails you to inform you the topic you are monitoring has changed or had content added.

Now, according to the Google Blog, they are extending this service to include Google Groups. Users can sign-up for alert notification through the Google Alerts (Beta) page.

Google Expands Alert Coverage

Once the alert is established, Google monitors the 50 most recent Google Groups search results related to the keywords selected by the user to be monitored. Once these are filled, Google emails the user, informing them that content has been added. Newly posted news articles related to the keyword being monitored will also be included in the email, much like the Google News alerts.

While Google’s post concerning their newest alert service only mentions Google Groups and Google News, the Google Alerts sign-up form gives users the option of monitoring various areas covered by Google. Users have the following areas they can choose to receive alerts for:

News & Web

As indicated, users will receive email updates of the latest relevant Google results related to the keyword they want monitored.

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