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In case you’re looking for some Google employee blogs, here is a relatively comprehensive list …

  1. Alma Whitten: general computer security, and usability and user centered design for computer security (HCISec)
  2. Ben Goodger: Firefox lead engineer
  3. Biz Stone: Blogger Senior Specialist (Blogger)
  4. Bo Cowgill
  5. Bret Taylor
  6. Chris DiBona: Open Source Program Manager
  7. Colin Smith
  8. Darin Fisher: Firefox lead engineer
  9. Dave Barr
  10. Devinoch: Adwords Representative (Adwords)
  11. Doe Mountain
  12. Douwe Osinga: Search Engineer (Google’s European Engineering Office)
  13. Eric Case (Blogger)
  14. Graham Waldon (Blogger)
  15. Greg Rae: Log Analyzer
  16. Greg Stein: Engineering Manager (Blogger)
  17. Jason Shellen: Program Manager (Blogger)
  18. Jeremy Lilley: Software Engineer
  19. John Hawkins
  20. Joseph
  21. Josh MacDonald
  22. Kenny Smith
  23. Kevin Fox: User Interface Designer
  24. Kimbalina: Contractor-to-hire (Blogger)
  25. Mark Ayzenshtat
  26. Natala Menezes: Account Manager
  27. Nelson Minar: Web API Engineer
  28. Oliver Deighton
  29. Ovidiu Predescu
  30. Paul Haahr: Software Engineer
  31. Sanjay G. Mavinkurve
  32. Tan Chade-Meng: Software Engineer
  33. Wesley Chan: Product Manager/Staff photographer
  34. Will McNair

Check out also our list of Yahoo! employee blogs.

Do you know other Google employee blogs? Please contact us or leave a comment.

Olivier Duffez is an SEO consultant specialized on Google. Working on the Internet since 1997, he created in 2002 Web Rank Info, a free SEO resources French community (+13,000 members), and in 2003 his company Web Rank Expert. He created an online collaborative dictionary supported by Google.fr and DMOZ.

He’s giving SEO conferences in ImiTiki’s seminars and wrote a book about Google and SEO in 2004. He’s also part of the developpment team of PR Weaver and Agent Web Ranking softwares.

Google Employee Blogs
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    Many Many thanks for publishing

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    Thanks for the list. I especially like Devinoch’ s blog about adwords.

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