Google Doesn’t Know if Your Site is in the Cloud

Google's Matt Cutts Talks About Cloud's Effect on Listings

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Google’s Matt Cutts discussed how the search engine handles sites that that are "in the cloud" with regards to how listings are affected. Matt’s explanation was a response to the following user-submitted question:

Can moving my website to "the cloud" harm my listings? Say my server’s in Germany and I move the website to Google’s App Engine or Amazon S3. Does this harm my listings for German results – or is it enough to set the "geographic target" in GWT to Germany?

Matt broke the question down into separate parts to answer them. First, he took on the part about moving a site to "the cloud" harming the users’ listings. His answer for this is basically that Google doesn’t even know if your site is in the cloud, so it can’t use that information to affect listings.

"We don’t know what is happening on the side of your web server. Your web server could be running Perl, PHP, Python, or Ruby on Rails," said Cutts. "All we know is what the web server returns. So your web server could be running code that would go talk to Amazon’s cloud or Appspot or anywhere else in the cloud, but we wouldn’t even know that. We don’t even know whether a page is dynamically created or statically created. All we know is what the web server sends back."

He says if your site is talking to the cloud behind the scenes, there is now way for any search engine or bot to know about that. Watch the video above to hear Matt’s explanation for the second part of the user’s question.

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Google Doesn’t Know if Your Site is in the Cloud
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  • AAA

    Well try to fetch an non-existent page and most servers throw you an all to detailing error. Now don’t tell me Google does not use any and all information it can find. I wanna do some cursing, but just leave it. Matt takes things to lightly most of the time.

  • http://www.abicana.com Guest

    I think Google knows a lot or can find out a lot about a web-site. But I do not think Google uses everything at a daily basis. Google have to work very quickly, and cannot take into regard every piece of information it might have.

    THis sometimes have a curious effect. I have pages whith a lot of onformation about some subject, but the pages never get any high up in the search lists.

    Then I have pages where the same subject is hardly mensioned, and those get listed at the foirst page of the search results.

    Fair enough for me, but not for the user.

  • http://rapidcoolrooms.com.au Andrew B

    I couldn’t agree more with bothof the previous two comments. Google knows more than what it will ever tell us as they like to keep the game fair for all.

    As for the inconsistent rankings with web content etc, I find the same thing. I’m surprised how some of my keywords especially get such high rankings when the keywords are hardly mentioned on the page.

    Ah well, whatever works I say. :-)

    Andrew B.

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