Google Docs Adds Spreadsheet Protection Feature

    April 28, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has launched a feature for spreadsheets in Google Docs called Sheet Protection. Basically, this will allow a user to let collaborators edit certain sheets of a spreadsheet while restricting them from others.

To use the feature, simply go to the sheet, and bring up the menu. You will find the option that says "Protect Sheet."

Sheet Protection

You will then get something like this:

Sheet Protection

"Say I’m throwing a party (a wild one, of course) and I’ve invited my friends Frank, Ian, Kev and Veronica to a spreadsheet to help with planning," explains User Experience Designer Joeseph Wain. "I know for sure Ian and Kev have good taste in music so I’ll let them select some choice tunes… but Frank should probably just stick to bringing chips and salsa."

Those who are restricted from a sheet will still be able to view it as long as they are a collaborator, but they will not be able to edit it.