Google Desktop on Mac

    April 5, 2007

After getting my new Mac yesterday, I am pleased to see that Google has just started supporting these beautiful machines. I’m a fan of Google Desktop, having used it on my last two machines and I enjoyed it quite a bit. However, I am disappointed to see that the Mac version will have no widgets or the toolbar yet. Being an organized sort, I rarely had the need to use the Google search on my desktop. My primary joy with the package was the widgets.

Of course, as with most betas, new features will undoubtably roll out very quickly. That said, since I have no pressing need for the search feature I’ll pass on this one. As soon as the widgets roll out, I’ll download and add them to my OSX widgets (Chuck Norris will no longer be alone on my desktop).

Glad to be settling in here at Yahoo and finally returning to the blog. Berkely is quite different than I expected so the transition has been challenging, but not painful at all. Thanks for all the well-wishes!