Google Desktop Breaks The Internet?

    July 3, 2006

No one wants to have to say, “My Internet broke.” When this phrase is uttered, the source of the problem (assuming it’s not the user) becomes the object of much ill will and quite a few uncouth words. Now Google, the former “do no evil” company, is hinting that uninstalling one of its products may “break” your Internet.

A page at the Google Desktop Help Center is dedicated to the topic, “My internet broke after I uninstalled Google Desktop.” Luckily, it seems to be a rare problem. Of the 83 comments on this page, very few documented any issues with the software. Of greater concern was what this development meant for Google.

“DarthFred” began the conversation by saying, “it leaves one wondering if this is a Microsoft-like tactic of breaking the system on uninstallation (as the uninstallation of Internet Explorer will break Microsoft Windows).” “dorian” simply remarks that this is “very disappointing from Google.” Most of the comments were more generous, though.

“tom6a” wrote, “I’m guessing it’s an honest mistake. They wouldn’t do this on purpose.” Most of the other respondents restated this belief, pointing out that the company, best known for its search engine, has made a solution available. That’s right, if uninstalling Google Desktop broke your internet, you can find the suggested fix here.

The page also notes that Google’s “engineers are currently investigating the source of this problem.” So perhaps there’s no cause for alarm after all. It would seem that the problem of Google “breaking the internet” is an unusual one that has been (mostly) addressed and resolved.


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