Google Delivered 2.6 Billion Videos In September

    November 30, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Driven by their acquisition of YouTube, Google properties rated tops in comScore’s Video Metrix lists for September 2007.

US viewers watched over 9.2 billion videos in September, with 28 percent of the videos viewed originating from a Google property. Analysis firm comScore showed Fox Interactive Media and Yahoo in a tight race for a distant second place.

Fox narrowly edged Yahoo, dishing out 387 million videos to Yahoo’s 381 million. Google’s courtroom nemesis, Viacom, served 304 million videos in September. Viacom’s MTV recently disclosed it would show South Park clips for free starting next year.

About three in four US Internet users watched a video in September; that puts the number of unique watchers up near 136 million. Google’s share of 71.5 million viewers outpaced Fox (41.1 million), Yahoo (39.5 million), and Time Warner (30.7 million), which includes AOL.

During the month, nearly 70 million viewers watch videos on YouTube. The average video watcher viewed 68 videos, more than two per day, in September.

In terms of viewers, one site that may not be a household name managed to place seventh, ahead of ESPN, Disney Online, and CBS. Bodog drew nearly 17 million viewers in September, despite legal issues with its domains forcing the company to open new ones at the start of that month.

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