Google Conquering Asia In Search

    June 25, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

International business continues to look good for Google, as their search engine attracted the biggest chunk of search share in April.

Google has long extolled the virtues of doing business internationally. It may have taken longer than the company liked to grow in the broadband-friendly Asian market, but they seem to be on track to becoming the dominant search player.

Local search engines might disagree with that, yet the latest figures comScore made available indicate otherwise. In Asia for the month of April 2008, Google picked up 39.1 percent of the searches made there.

Yahoo fared well in Asia, running second to Google with 24 percent, while China’s Baidu grabbed 16.7 percent of search market share.

Korea’s NHN Corp, operators of, was the only other engine to pull in over a billion searches in April, drawing 1.178 billion of them for the month. Microsoft trailed NHN and fifth-place in the list.

The most activity came from China and its burgeoning Internet class. Over 82 million people in China performed 6.2 billion searches, comScore said.