Google Cities In 3D Waves To Europe

    June 9, 2008

Google Cities in 3D hasn’t been a strictly American affair; models of cities in Ireland and Japan, among other places, have shown up.  Google’s encouraging greater participation on the part of the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France, however, with the launch of some localized websites.

Google 3D
 City In 3D

"The Cities in 3D Program provides local governments, community groups, and educational institutions with tools and information for uploading their data to Google Earth," explained Ed Parsons on the LatLong Blog.

And this results in the models that should be of interest to both area residents and would-be tourists.  Think, if you will, of everyone’s interest in the 3D version of Disney World that was unveiled last week.

Here’s one other thing about Cities in 3D: it sidesteps the privacy issue that seems to be slowing Google Street View in Europe.  Camera cars have been snapping pictures overseas for quite some time, but nothing’s been made available yet; if Google sees releasing real-life images as a problem, this is a next-best solution.

Anyway, there’s no further word regarding specific participants or when we can expect to see more European models arrive.