Google Changes Algorithm?

    January 2, 2008

The ball dropped for the 100th time in Times Square, so I suppose that makes it official.  It’s a new year, 2008 to be exact.  So what does this mean for the search engines? Simple, change the way it used to work, right?



At least for Google, it’s right.  The leading search engine is apparently changing their algorithm to affect the way things are ranked.  Search Engine Land reported that search terms are revealing more time-sensitive articles as opposed to historical or factual pieces.  Items from Digg are ranking higher than the usual favorite Wikipedia.

So what does this mean for Google?  Perhaps they are moving towards Web 3.0?

And in other Google news…the company has lured away another Yahoo worker.  Yahoo’s Chief Performance Expert, Steve Souders will be joining Google on January 7th.  As to what he will be working on with Google is still a little bit disclosed.  So until there is word about the new algorithm or as to what Mr. Souders will be working on…it’s all simply speculation.

For more details of the story, tune into the video right here on WebProNews.