Google Celebrates India’s 60th

    August 15, 2007

Time zones aside, India achieved its independence exactly 60 years ago, and the country is now in the midst of numerous celebrations.  So is Google, for that matter; Orkut, YouTube, and various branches of the central company have all given their congratulations to India.

Google Celebrates India's 60th
Google Celebrates India’s 60th

“Happy Independence Day and here’s to staying beautiful and free…forever,” toasted the official Orkut blog.  The social networking site also hosted a series of polls to commemorate the event.

YouTube went a step further and oversaw the launch of a new “Incredible India” channel.  Shri S. Banerjee, Secretary of India’s Ministry of Tourism, was closely involved in the effort, and said in a statement, “[W]e have to show the world the progress India has made since its Independence 60 years ago.”

Pushing forward to the Google Public Policy Blog, we come across an 896-word document chronicling the country’s technological and legal achievements.  It’s not all rosy – Rishi Jaitly, a policy analyst, addressed a bill that “would result in an artificially and needlessly crippled Internet sector in India – but the post nonetheless concludes with “Happy 60th Birthday India!”

The last post that we’ll cover appears on the Official Google Blog.  “We can’t wait to celebrate, but we’re going to wait a few days for the formal unwrapping of our gift to Indian users,” wrote M. T. Raghunath and Gokul Nath Babu Manoharan, two software engineers.  “Check back and we’ll have news shortly,” they continues.

Google’s already done quite a lot to celebrate India’s independence, and it’ll be interesting to see what else the search giant has planned.  For WebProNews’s part, happy birthday, India.