Google Can Name That Tune

    December 15, 2005

The newest aspect of Google’s massive searching entity has launched and it’s a music search. Basically, the jist is they’ve added more details for music-oriented searches. While the search right now is somewhat limited, they do plan on expanding the listings.

The search lists artists, their albums and songs. It provides routes to pick up music, albums and individual songs through various sites. At this point, it’s not hard to find popular music or something that’s been around for a while like Elvis, but other things are little more difficult. Google said on their blog they plan to offer classical music, worldwide artists and lesser-known artists.

Right now the music search feature mostly works for artists popular in the U.S. and a more limited number of artists from other countries, but we plan to expand it to classical music, worldwide artists, and lesser-known performers.

Google’s not the first search entity to try music search though. Companies like GoFish Technologies have been doing this search since September. They’ve got a music/video content search and they say it’s workable with any search engine. They also put together a “Search-by-Lyrics” feature back in June and a play list publication enterprise as well.

This new move by Google will surely be followed by other search engines. The question comes from whether or not they will create their own or will they be willing to work with a company like GoFish and just integrate and existing product?

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.