Google Buys Dodgeball

    May 12, 2005

I cannot believe how many people sent me the news that Google has bought Dodgeball, an SMS meetup service.

Google Buys Dodgeball
Be Ready To Dodge Google’s Latest Move

So, first off thank you Nicholas, Justin, Derrick and Wayne.

It makes more sense if you set it to music.

Dodgeball is a social networking service for mobile phones. Users sign in on their phones and notify the service where they are, which then lets friends know which friends are in the area. Basically, it lets you navigate your social scene. BoingBoing called it “social software for mobile phones”. Basically, the killer app for Dodgeball is signing in, finding out your friend Joe has a friend Wendy who is at a newsstand two blocks away, and walking up to her and saying “I didn’t know people actually named their kids Wendy”.

Alex and Dennis of Dodgeball say in the their members that they are excited to now have the resources to make the service bigger. One can only wonder what Google’s plans are for the service.

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