Google Broadcasts Offer To Help Television

    March 28, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Search advertising company Google wants to help its television brethren by bringing ads to local TV markets.

The savior of old media could be the kingpin of new media. All Google needs is buy-in from those traditional media types in the television industry to fulfill the dream of getting more advertising on screens everywhere.

Google’s key to success will be their TV Ads service, an extension of the company’s AdWords product. TV Ads has been in testing, first with a tiny cable company in Northern California, now with satellite TV firm Dish Network.

A prominent Googler in those TV plans, TV Ads director Michael Steib, told attendees of the Television Bureau of Advertising’s conference what they were missing out on, according to Broadcasting & Cable:

Steib estimated that 6,000-7,000 national advertisers should be on television but currently are not.