Google Book Search Tool May Madden Microsoft

    June 1, 2007

Everyone knows that Google and Microsoft are rivals, but the first area of competition that comes to mind does not involve books.  Nonetheless, the two appear to be at it again, and it seems as if Google is readying a new tool for attack.

“Google will unveil a new marketing tool . . . as part of the Google Book Search Partner Program,” reveals The Book Standard’s Kimberly Maul.  “The program, which will allow publishers to put a co-branded Google Book Search tool on their websites, is free if a publisher is part of the partner program.”

After a brief explanation of how the tool will work (Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz, who first found Maul’s post, also provides worthwhile details), something truly interesting came up: a quote from Patrick Durando of McGraw-Hill.

“We’re embedding Google Book Search onto our website,” said Durando.  “[It gives] our customers a quick and easy way to sample our content and see if this book is right for them.”

It’s all fine and well that McGraw-Hill would work something out with Google.  But earlier today, the publisher was involved in another book project: Microsoft’s Live Search books.  There’s nothing illegal here, of course, but it’s interesting to see this major company in agreements with both Microsoft and Google.

Let the rivalry continue, then.  It looks as if we all stand to benefit from it.