Google Australia Asks For Doodles

    July 24, 2007

If you want to win a Macbook Pro, or get some artwork on the front page of Google Australia, a new contest will give you that chance.  There’s only one catch: to qualify, you must be an Australian child.

“We’re inviting all Australian schools to participate in the initiative, open to students from Years 1 to 10,” announced Ashley Gorringe on the Official Google Australia Blog.  Gorringe, who is a member of the Doodle 4 Google team, then continued, “An expert panel, including leading educational expert Michael Grose and art and culture expert, Dare Jennings, who cofounded Mambo Surfwear, will pick finalists from each state and territory.”

The goal of this contest is to find “the doodle that best represents Australia and what it means to be Australian.”  And although I don’t honestly expect that many WebProNews readers are eligible to enter this competition, some of you may have kids that are.  Get them to participate, if you can – there’s that Macbook Pro at stake, and the winning child’s school will get $10,000 worth of equipment.

As a result, Australian schools appear to be taking the contest very seriously.  “Google said it had already signed up hundreds of schools, both private and public,” according to The Sydney Morning Herald’s Asher Moses, and “Meg Lomm, visual arts coordinator at SCECGS, said she would most likely set aside time for students to work on the project in class.”

I don’t think Google Australia can go wrong here – it’s going to help a kid, a school, and itself (given all the publicity it’s drummed up).  The winning doodle will go on display January 26th.