Google Assists With Florida’s Public Records

    December 3, 2007

You know those “fleecing of America” stories?  This isn’t one of them.  For absolutely no charge, Google is helping make Florida’s public records more accessible.

Google Granted, the average person isn’t likely to consider the information exciting.  “Examples of records that will now be searchable include public school FCAT scores, water and waste permits, employment data and consumers’ commuting patterns,” reports The Buzz.

Still, it’s an interesting development insofar as it involves Google and a branch of government.  Google and Florida aren’t alone in this matter; states including Utah, Michigan, California, Virginia, and Arizona are already onboard.  Add in the company’s previous (and unrelated) relationships with Minnesota and Kansas (and even the U.N.), and you’ve got something of a trend.

Make of that what you will – this article isn’t for finger-pointing or conspiracy theories.  Google just happens to be present in a lot of places, and in reference to the newest arrangement, The Buzz reports, “a Google official, John Burchett, said he hoped his firm would receive increased traffic as a result.”

Burchett may be overestimating the public’s desire to see waste permits, but in any event, there you have it.