Google Announces Logo Changes

    May 22, 2009
    Chris Crum

No, Google is not changing the Google logo itself, but a number of the company’s products will be presented with slightly different logos, which all reflect one unified look and feel.

Google is in the process of rolling out these changes. So far, you can see the changes at Google Labs, Google Moderator, and Google Code. Look for new logos at Google Maps, Google News, and Google Docs soon.

Google Logo Change

"We hope this design freshens up our look as well as improves consistency and ease of use across our sites," Google says. "Now, our product names will appear in clean, simple blue lowercase type alongside the Google logo."

The new logos will be consistent not only among US Google sites, but internationally. As Google points out, this may be helpful for languages that read right-to-left.

"Since the logos appear in many different locations and sizes on our websites, our new designs are standardized to be the same size and color wherever they appear," Google notes. "This should make it easier for you to recognize which site you are on and navigate to wherever you want to go."

What do you think about Google’s logo changes? Do you like them better or worse? Would you have even noticed the changes if they weren’t pointed out? Tell us.