Google And Intel Kiss, Make Up

    January 25, 2007

Intel has finally won Google back, and the Santa Clara-based company will now resume selling servers to the search engine giant. Reports indicate that Intel had to pull out all the stops to earn Google’s business, though; to be more exact, Intel produced some custom equipment.

CNET’s Stephen Shankland Google+buying+Intel+servers+again/2100-1014_3-6153431.html?tag=ne.fd.mnbc” class=”bluelink”>reported on the situation after his employer gained access to “an internal Intel blog entry.” In it, Pat Gelsinger, a co-general manager within Intel’s Digital Enterprise Group, discussed several aspects of the deal, including how his company lost Google’s business in the first place.

The search engine giant “went to the competitor’s platform for the last four quarters of deployments, largely on the (operational cost) model they use to judge their purchases,” according to Gelsinger. Losing out to Advanced Micro Devices inspired Intel’s design teams to play catch-up (and then some).

Gelsinger wrote that he and his coworkers “have been maniacal as we designed a unique board for them, developing a unique memory module with them, working every angle of the cost equation and engaging with our sales teams to get the business.”

And it’s clear that all that hard work paid off, as Intel is now “in business with the volume systems ramp under way.”

Both companies seem to be keeping quiet about the deal (outside of the posts in their internal blogs, at least), so it may be a while before any details emerge. We can assume, though, that had there been a press release, it would have included the typical “happy CEO” quotes – Google is undoubtedly pleased to get its hands on all this custom-made gear, and Intel is surely thrilled to have the search engine giant as a customer again.


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