Google Analytics Eats The Internet

By: WebProNews Staff - May 28, 2008

The popularity of Google’s free analytics service brought in a crushing wave of interest when it debuted. That wave flowed into dozens of the top 500 sites in the world.

Your friendly neighborhood WebProNews writers have always said the best meal in the world is a free one. We’re not surprised to see that sentiment extend to other industries, particularly on their websites.

Website monitoring service Pingdom took a look at the top 500 websites to see if Google Analytics made inroads into them with its Analytics product. They noted their findings at the Royal Pingdom blog, and we’ll admit to some surprise about them:

We put the Alexa global top 500 websites under the microscope and found that 161 out of these 500 websites are using Google Analytics, which is 32.2%.

Even though website statistics is only a secondary market to Google, the free availability of Google Analytics must have had a profound effect on the bottom line for competing, commercial products from companies who cannot afford to offer their services for free.

We think the access Google must have to the data for that many heavily-linked and trafficked sites pays for the free service many times over. Google owns basically a third of the market for web analytics, and charges customers nothing for it. That’s an amazing statistic.

Earlier this morning, we noted Google’s interest in mobile advertising. The mobile platform may be heating up for analytics as well, as measurement firm comScore disclosed its acquisition of M:Metrics in a cash and stock deal today.

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  • Minneapolis Web Design

    The ease of use is so much better than Urchin ever was. Every single one of my clients get it and get it fast which makes them feel very empowered.

  • Adam – Creare Web Design

    Google are the biggest winners here though despite it being a free service. They’re basically getting free statistics from millions of websites for virtually nothing and they’ll use this for their marketing and future development.

    For the consumer however, it’s still a useful little tool.

  • Search Machine

    It isn’t really free as google gleans information it needs for many of its search products. If you compare it to more exact statistics that are taken from logfile data you often find discrepencies that are difficult to understand. Within those limitations it is a very powerfull tool that anybody who knows anything uses

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  • Easy recipes

    Nothing coming from google is free.
    Information they gather from analytics, as well as from gmail and i would also include reader, igoogle and even adsense are invaluable.
    The real surprise is 1/3 of too 500 sites don’t have their own tracking software.  Call me paranoid, but analytics gives a good service but is far to be very reliable, if only because it doesn’t work if you have javascript off.



  • FaTe

    Its no nonsense click here shows this kind of GUI and hats of to google for the service they provide no doubt but as said google are currently raking in some of the best statistics for market changes and other information for free ensuring that future desicisions can be made with multitudes of real time data, Like many others this is a bit worrying to me….

  • Fred

    There is nothing like a free lunch when it comes to Google. The info gathered are invaluable and helps greatly in their ad targeting.

  • Guest

    They are using it for data collection purposes, but it doesn’t harm us in any way.

  • Firebubble Design

    Google only released Analytics to benefit themselves, like most things they do. Its a way for them to manage their ad tracking and get detailed information.

  • ???????

    Google remains king always surprises do not know why but I policy of the source of global concern and fear