Google Analytics Certification Program Launched

Free Google Analytics Knowledge Maybe More Valuable

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Today Google announced a new online course that will help interested parties prepare to get a Google Analytics certification. It costs $50 to take the test to get certified, but to me the more interesting part is the course itself.

Google Analytics Overview

You’re looking at step-by-step visual walkthroughs of every feature that Google Analytics has to offer, and while taking the test costs a little money, the course itself is free.

Web analytics are extremely important to the success of any online business, and knowing your tools inside out will only help you act upon your findings better. With this course, you can go straight to any section you’re a little hazy on or just go through the whole thing. You’re bound to come out more knowledgeable afterward. Let’s take a look at what the lessons cover:

First Steps

– Introduction to Google Analytics
– Interface Navigation
– Installing the Google Analytics Tracking Code

Interpreting Reports

– Guidelines
– Pageviews, Visits, and Visitors
– Time Metrics
– Traffic sources
– Content Reports


– Profiles in Google Analytics
– Campaign Tracking and AdWords Integration
– Analysis Focus – AdWords
– Goals in Google Analytics
– Analysis Focus – Funnel Visualization
– Filters in Google Analytics
– Regex and Google Analytics
– Cookies and Google Analytics
– eCommerce Tracking
– Analysis Focus – Revenue Metrics
– Domains and Subdomains

In-Depth Analysis

– Custom Reporting
– Advanced segmentation
– Motion Charts
– Internal Site Search
– Event Tracking and Virutal Pageviews
– The Custom Visior Segment Variable
– Additional Customizations

That’s quite a bit of ground to cover, but ground that you will find more solid in terms of feeling comfortable in your web analytics skills, once you clear it. If you are looking to provide consulting to others, it probably wouldn’t hurt to go after the certification either just so you have some credentials. You just need a 75% on the test to pass.

If you don’t plan to do any consulting, the worst thing that happens is you get a lot smarter in your know-how of Google Analytics, and that can’t be a bad thing either.

Google Analytics Certification Program Launched
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  • http://www.photopaperplus.com Sam

    Thanks for this information. Will sure try taking this course there is always more you can learn, and with Google it’s never ending…..soo long.

  • http://www.simplyclicks.com Simply Clicks


    good news. Google analytics is complex. Even for someone who is a long time and regular user. I tend to agree with you that its the course rather than the qualification that has the real value.

  • http://www.eltalearning.com Jignesh Gohel

    I have seen all the tutorial presentation provided at given link. At first glance its looks very easy but when you go for in depth analysis, we can learn many important points which we negate in our day to day routine.

    i think, we must appear for the test as it will not hard to get 75% if you are familiar with Google analytic.

  • http://www.preparefoods.info Recipe

    Thank you for useful information.Google Analytics exams are easy…

  • ahmed elmallah

    hi every on iam asking about how i can get this ceritifcation please tell me and thanks

  • http://www.copperbridgemedia.com/ SherinSEO

    It is a good news…But still its not showing in any authorized google news…Still if it happens its really good..because i m in search for the google certification..

  • Vivek Singla

    I am looking for online certification in Google Analytics.I am working in one of the reputed company (Educomp Solutions Ltd). It is basically an online education company which provides online education to interested students.If you can help me in any way then do let me know all details required for GAP certification.


  • http://articlewarriors.com/ Edward Mathews

    One question crosses my mind, do Google analytics course offer as a Cretificate.Do they mail this certificate to our home.

  • http://www.shreeonlinejobs.com Guest

    Thanks I want to be certified but as you recommeded the course,So first i will go for it.

  • Guest

    Can you tell me from where i can get more information about this certificationm because i m interested in this.

  • http://www.wheatgrasshome.com/ Wheatgrass Home

    I need to do this course…

  • http://www.powerpoint-recovery.com/ ppt repair

    I need to do certification so can you tell me how to pay examination fees.
    and video is the only source to get through this bailiwick???

  • http://twitter.com/ankushkohli Ankush Kohli

    Thanks for the details. I’ve cleared Google Analytics Individual Certification exam this week.

    I’ve mentioned all the required tips, tricks & other details with my score sheet here: http://emarketinguide.com/2010/09/google-analytics-individual-certified-professional-gaiq/

  • http://www.stellaraccessdatabaserepair.com/ access database repair

    Hey Ankush can you please guide me form where you prepared for google analytics.

    • http://emarketinguide.com/ Ankush Kohli

      I’ve read most of the content from Google Analytics Support and Learning Center. However, there are lots of blogs & forums to give you really quality tips + my practical experience helped me to clear the certification.

  • http://www.antoniocasanova.com Antonio Casanova

    Congrats Chris, great post.

    I have written an article with tips for taking the test, including information about the exam, most important topics to prepare, and key resources. I thought it could be useful for others so I wanted to share it:




  • http://wschools.blogspot.com sangam

    I like this article too.

  • Sohan


    I have been a part of analytics but I would also like to explore this unknown phenomenon
    of Web Analytics.

    I would appreciate if you can provide a bit more detail on it and how to begin with and what are its future prospects.


  • sam

    @Everyone who keeps asking where they can find this information: If you can’t use a search engine and look up the information yourself, maybe technology isn’t the path you should be pursuing. JUST SAYING.

  • http://www.szkoly-jezykow-obcych.com.pl/nowoczesne-szkoly-jezykow-obcych/ Szkoly jezykow obcych

    I am not real excellent with English but I get hold this very easy to read .

  • http://www.graphicpedia.net Graphic Ideas

    Its really good to here about the course professional training will help a lot to understand the visitor trend

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