Google AdSense Slow To Report

    May 7, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Webmasters wonder why their earnings reports from AdSense aren’t working, and so is Google.

Something’s amiss with AdSense, as publishers told Google they have seen problems with the usual reports from the service. Numerous reports at the AdSense help forum cited lack of updates or wrong earnings in the information being provided from the program.

Google responded from their Inside AdSense blog about the issues. “Our engineers are currently investigating the issue and working to resolve it as quickly as possible. Please be assured that your account data has still been tracked, so this issue will not affect your earnings or payments,” they said.

To help webmasters keep up with Google progress on these problems, Google opened a new tracking page. The Known Issues page tracks AdSense issues, and Google’s suggested workarounds when available.

No new updates about the reporting issue have made the page as yet. Complaints on the AdSense Help forum continue to roll in, as webmasters find discrepancies in their earnings as well as seeing clicks that apparently generated no page impressions or click-throughs.

Problems appeared to hit AdSense publishers in multiple regions. Complaints rolled in from the UK, Canada, India, and the Czech Republic as well as the US. Since Google has not updated the status of the investigation for over 12 hours, the issue could be much more serious than they revealed.