Gmail Storage Ticks Upward, Lags Yahoo, AOL

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Google has given the storage counter for Gmail a little boost to its spin, but believe it or not they could be doing more.

Gmail Storage Ticks Upward, Lags Yahoo, AOL
Gmail Storage Ticks Upward, Lags Yahoo, AOL

Not very long ago, storage on web-based email measured in the megabytes, and not very many of them, either. When Gmail arrived with its 1GB inbox, invites to the service became a hot commodity.

Google’s decision to take advantage of what has become an inexpensive commodity, storage, spurred interest and gave the company another place to drop its signature contextual advertising. As of market close on October 11, Google’s $622 share price gave it a market cap of over $194 billion.

We can’t tie that directly to Gmail, of course, but Gmail likely didn’t get in the way of that rise, either. Google plans to give a little back to the Gmail users in the form of more storage:

In April 2005, we started increasing Gmail storage as part of our “Infinity+1″ storage plan. At that time, we realized we’d never reach infinity, but we promised to keep giving Gmail users more space as we were able. That said, a few of you are using Gmail so much that you’re running out of space, so to make good on our promise, today we’re announcing we are speeding up our counter and giving out more free storage.

In Google Apps, Gmail accounts start at 2GB, except for Premier Edition accounts, which begin at 10 GB. Now, the 2GB accounts will receive their own spinning counter, while the 10GB accounts receive a nudge to 25GB of storage.

Nice numbers, and for someone who used to have to obey a 20MB email limit in the corporate world, they are huge. But when it comes to truly fantastic amounts of email storage, one has to look at Yahoo Mail and AOL Mail.

Both of these Gmail competitors have millions of users, and unlimited storage for their free webmail accounts. If storage is really an issue for email, Gmail is at best the third choice for people today. Tomorrow, who knows?

Gmail Storage Ticks Upward, Lags Yahoo, AOL
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  • babylon

    maybe the google writers here could quit writing and ask for a job at google,as its the only thing they write about.

    To my opinion the huge storage of gmail is completely useless.
    its the same as goes on with hosting companies,just for $4,95 a month you get 20gb traffic and 30gb storage,what a bull.
    And thats just the trick(which is a public secret)…customers never use it !
    thats why these hosting packages all look great.
    Same goes for gmail,how manny people actualy use the storage gmail offers ?

    I asked some friends and i couldnt find one,highest was 33mb used.

    and as i read the story…google reads your mail….well maybe thats why the storage is so high.
    cause when there’s enough space you dont delete so easely…and then google has all the time t read,…just an idea…

    • David A. Utter

      Yahoo and AOL both do unlimited webmail right now, for free. They have millions of users. Someone’s putting some value on storage.

      • babylon

        value ?
        With normal or even heavy mail load nobody would use it.
        gmail was abused with file storage some time ago,dont know if thats still goin on.
        with some simple scripts written you could use the storage to store files,most of them were illegal.

  • http://www.acomputerportal.com Billy Tail

    “one has to look at Yahoo Mail”

    It’s Unlimited storeage for users of Yahoo Mail

    • Rich Ord

      Our writers write about a lot more than Google. All you have to do is look at webpronews.com current headlines.

      As for Gmail storage, I have two accounts… one is maxed out, the other is at 69%. Neither is used for file storage.

      Rich Ord CEO, iEntry, Inc. Publisher of WebProNews

      • http://fiercestreetnetworks.com Martin Espericueta

        I read webpronews (especially enjoy the video interviews) because of the relevant news in my industry. They are NOT Google-sided…

        And yes, as far as Gmail storage goes, well…I must be an archival phreak, as I can fill up all three of my Gmail accounts (personal, almost non-personal, and non- personal G’accounts) on any given month.

        I must say that I’ve had an MSN (Hotmail) account for over 3 years, and even though it has such a large capacity, I don’t use it anymore, other than checking it every other month.

        And (why do I have so many accounts?) I also have Yahoo Mail, which I’ve begun to use more and more. I still prefer GMail.

        From it’s interface/usability – it takes my vote as the best online email system (although, I pull it via POP3 with Mozilla Thunderbird most times).

        Just my 2 cents…


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