Gmail Now Goes In The Other Direction

    June 1, 2006

Gmail has added two new interface languages, Arabic and Hebrew, as well as a few buttons to handle the difficulty of right-to-left text.

According to the Help Center, you can write paragraphs in right-to-left by default, or switch at any point by clicking a button to write left-to-right, hitting a button to switch back. I would be very interested in seeing what this interface looks like, especially the inbox, if anyone wants to send me a screenshot.

(via the Google Blog)

Google also added a Reply By Chat feature. Now, when you are replying to an email, if the person is signed into Google Talk/Gmail Chat, you can hit the Reply By Chat button and reply to the email in an IM conversation. What makes it truly useful is that the IM conversation is grouped with the email, not with your IMs.

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