Gmail Makes PDF Viewing Less of a Hassle

    December 15, 2008
    Chris Crum

Google has decided to make PDF viewing in Gmail a little more user-friendly. Now when you get sent a PDF attachment with a message, you will see a "view" link, which will simply open the file within your browser rather than make you download the file.

"You may have seen this feature before, in Google Docs," notes Software Engineer, Marc Miller. "It’s the way that we did uploading and viewing of PDFs online."

"If you want, you can still view in plain HTML from a link at the top of the new viewer," adds Miller. "And if you want to download, save, and view your PDFs later while offline using client software, you can still do that by hitting the ‘Download’ link."

This is just the latest enhancement to Gmail intended for improving the user experience, and no doubt trying to trim off some of that email market share that Yahoo is still clinging to. We’ve seen a lot of features being added to gmail lately.

They have recently added SMS capability, voice and video chat, a tasks feature, and a desktop gadget that allows you to login to multiple accounts simultaneously.