Gmail Gets New Tasks Feature

    December 8, 2008
    Chris Crum

Google has introduced a new feature in Gmail Labs. The "Tasks" feature provides a window in Gmail similar to that of chat, and lets you add tasks by simply clicking in the empty area and start typing.

"We put your tasks in the same kind of window as chats, so they’re visible while you’re scanning your inbox, reading mail, or searching (and in Settings, too!)," says the Tasks Team. "Just pop your list out into a new window to use Tasks outside of Gmail."

The feature allows you to convert emails to tasks by selecting one or more messages and going to:

More Actions > Add to Tasks. (Or turn on keyboard shortcuts and use <shift> + t.)

Other recent Gmail features include the addition of voice and video chat, and a gadget for Google Desktop that allows users to login to multiple accounts at once.

As far as the Tasks feature, the team says they have plenty more features for it in the works, and they’re calling for feedback on it to get even more ideas. You can reach them here.