Global IT Report Puts America In Fourth Place

    April 9, 2008

Numerous studies have, while perhaps using a few more words, called the U.S. Internet "crappy."  The new Global Information Technology Report takes a much more positive stance, ranking our "network readiness" fourth in the world.

US in 4th Place
 Global Information Technology Report

Network readiness components include environmental (in the political and regulatory sense), readiness, and usage factors, and further subcomponents grade things like the infrastructure, so the report isn’t claiming anything based purely on download speeds.  But in any case, the U.S. did come in fourth, with Switzerland, Sweden, and Denmark coming in third, second, and first, respectively.

These countries look a little clustered, but an executive summary states, "Korea, at 9th, realizes one of the most impressive improvements (10 places) from last year among the 127 economies covered by the Report."  Five other Asian markets made the top 20, as well.

Countries in North Africa and the Middle East advanced, but sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean didn’t distinguish themselves on the whole.

Finally, in case you’re wondering, the Global Information Technology Report isn’t some sort of American pet project.  INSEAD and the World Economic Forum are the main contributors; INSEAD is has locations in both France and Singapore, and the World Economic Forum is based in Switzerland.