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    April 1, 2003

Can you tell me how I can submit to Google and Anzwer AustraliaNew Zealand? I rank number 4 in the World search but don’t even show in Australian searches. I pay Express submission to Inktomi my web address is it because I have .com and not

Thank You,
Steve Carroll


Your site shows up in the regular search results, and the default search for uses the same database. The way the international versions of Google work, you don’t actually need a domain name to show up in the “pages from Australia” search.

Google does show sites with an .au domain in that search, but they will also show .com, .net, etc. sites that are hosted in Australia, when the name server for the domain is on a network that’s known to be in Australia. This can lead to some results that will seem a bit strange.

For example, if you try “search engine optimization” on Google Australia, and select “pages from Australia,” there’s a firm from South Carolina (in the U.S.A.) in the top ten results. Their hosting provider (which provides the DNS server for their domain) is based out of Australia, so Google apparently sees this as an Australian site, even though the company is based in the United States and has a .com domain name.

This is probably why Google isn’t showing your site in their results for Australia. When I look up your web server’s IP address, I find it based in Australia. However, when I look up the primary name server ( for your domain, it doesn’t resolve to an Australian network.

I would suggest a polite inquiry to, explaining that yours is an Australian firm, and asking why your website isn’t appearing in the “pages from Australia” search on They may take a couple weeks to answer, but they do generally answer their email, and in this case you are helping them improve their search quality.

The tool I used for looking up domain name information is called “Better WHOIS,” at

The website that the geographic information came from is called (what else?) “WHERE IS” and can be found at Hope this helps, but let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll dig deeper. As a last resort, I suppose you could consider changing your hosting arrangements, but I’d give Google a chance to straighten it out before going to any extremes.

Dan Thies

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